Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

Saifeixin®Ceftiofur Injection Saifeixin -Only one shot of long-acting preparationLong-term slow release, one shot last for seven daysNo immunosuppression, can be used during viral vaccinationGood tolerance at the injection siteFeatures              &n

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Ceftiofur Injection

Saifeixin -Only one shot of long-acting preparation
Long-term slow release, one shot last for seven days
No immunosuppression, can be used during viral vaccination
Good tolerance at the injection site

Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

Long-term slow release, one shot last for seven days
The ceftiofur hydrochloride crystal combined with the new formulation process ensures the slow release of the active ingredient, and the blood concentration of the drug exceeds 90%. The minimum inhibitory concentration of respiratory pathogens is 168 hours (7 days).
Broad spectrum and efficient sterilization, less resistance
It has ideal effects on infections such as Pasteurella multocida, Pasteurella hemolyticus, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Haemophilus parasuis, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella.
Table 1 The minimum inhibitory concentration of Saifeixin in Shandong province
Bacteria (several isolates from Shandong pig farms)MIC50(ug/ml)MIC90(ug/ml)MIC range(ug/ml)
Haemophilus parasuis≤0.03≤0.12≤0.03~0.12
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae≤0.06≤0.15≤0.06~0.15
Pasteurella multocida≤0.03≤0.06≤0.03~0.06
Pasteurella hemolyticus≤0.01≤0.03≤0.01~0.03
Escherichia coli≤0.27≤0.46≤0.27~0.46
Staphylococcus aureus≤0.59≤0.78≤0.59~0.78
Note:MIC= minimum inhibitory concentration;MIC50=Minimum inhibitory concentration of 50% bacteria inhibited;MIC90=Minimum inhibitory concentration of 90% bacteria inhibited 90%
The injection site is well tolerated;No adverse reactions have been observed in the injected pigs;No immunosuppression, can be used before and after inoculation of viral vaccine;After the bottle cap is opened, it is still valid when stored at low temperature for 12 weeks.
Tests have shown that Saficin and its similar products are bioequivalent in pigs. The mean area AUC0-∞ under the plasma concentration-time curve was 369.2±123.7 ug/ml and 385.1±118.9 ug/ml, respectively..

Imported similar product
Figure1. Bioequivalence: The area under the curve of the test preparation (AUC) and the peak concentration of blood (Cmax) reached between 80 and 125% of the original drug.
It can be seen from Fig. 1 that the average AUC0-∞ area under the blood concentration-time curve of Saifisin and the original drug is 369.2±123.7 ug/ml and 385.1±118.9 ug/ml, respectively, and the relative bioavailability is 97.5%. It can be considered that Safeixin is bioequivalent to the original drug.

Table 2  Comparison of Saifin and similar preparations
SaifeixinCommon ceftiofurImported product
ExcipientImportedDomestic (with impurities)Imported
Formulation processAmerican emulsification processNo formulation processOriginal research process
Effective time168 h36-72h168h
Injection stimulationNo irritation at the injection siteStrong stimulusNo irritation at the injection site
StorageUnused low temperature for 12 weeksshort timeUnused low temperature for 12 weeks

Saifeixin's application, case on the farm                                                        
A pig farm in Shandong was weaned at 23 days of age. Piglets after weaning showed symptoms of porcine respiratory disease such as rough hair, cough, weight loss, and asthma. The incidence rate was 17%. In the test group, the piglets were injected with Saifeixin on the day of weaning, 0.3 ml per head. The results are as follows:

Table 3. Saifeixin test results
ItemsControl groupTest groupDifference
Number of trials3051+21
Average weaning weight(kg)7.187.15-0.03
Average weight at day 60(kg)18.2720.49+2.22
Total weight gain during nursery(kg)11.0913.34+2.25
Average daily weight gain(g/heda)299.73360.54+60.81
Survival rate of piglets during cNursery(%)92100-8
FCR during nursery1.621.35-0.27
* Compared with the control, the average daily weight gain increased by 61 grams; the feed-to-weight ratio decreased by 0.27; the survival rate increased by 8%.
Safeixin's usage                                                                 
One dose only: intramuscular injection at the neck, 5mg/kg body weight, or 1ml/20kg body weight.No more than 2ml per injection site, more than 40kg pigs need more injection sites.
Safeixin medication procedure 
Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

For prevention, group health
According to the characteristics of the disease of the farm, it is usually 2 to 3 days before the onset of the disease.
1)7~10 days of age: intramuscular injection 0.2m l/head;
2)Nursery piglets: intramuscular injection 0.3ml/head on weaning day; or intramuscular injection 0.5ml/head 2 weeks after weaning;
3)On PRRS unstable farm: 1 to 2 weeks after weaning, injection of Saifeixin 1ml/20kg body weight.
For individual treatment
When the affected pig is diagnosed as a bacterial infection (or mixed infection) such as streptococcus suis, haemophilus parasuis, actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae or pasteurella multocida, it is immediately injected with 1 ml/20 kg body weight of Safeixin.
Traits: gray to gray yellow translucent suspension
Specification: 50ml: 5g
Withdrawal period: pig 4 days
Package: 50ml/bottle×20 bottles/box

Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

SHANDONG HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. was established in June 2001 and registered capital is RMB 50 million. It is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise with two subsidiaries, names SHANDONG HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. and SHANDONG HWATSON BIOCHEM CO., LTD., which specializes in the production of pharmaceutical preparations and raw chemical materials.

HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL has a professional production workshop and testing laboratory in China. In 2016, the GMP pharmaceutical preparations workshop was built according to international standards, which passed the GMP Certification of the Ministry of Agriculture and provided a guarantee for the reliable pharmaceutical preparations combining with the strict production management and quality control system.

Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

Providing customers with the higher-quality products has always been the unremitting striving direction for HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. The company introduced the preparations technology, using the higher-quality customized raw materials and the stable imported ingredients to guarantee the quality of veterinary medicine from the source. HUACHEN veterinary drug preparations inherit the quality of brand drugs to achieve the highest level in quality and efficacy. Its bioequivalence is consistent with the imported drugs, which can effectively replace the imported products, and the price has been greatly reduced.

HUACHEN not only produce the high quality products but rely on the professional disease diagnosis and testing center to provide timely and thoughtful service for the majority of breeding enterprises, which solved the problem of after- sales service. 

Livestock Pigs High Quaity 10% GMP Ceftiofur Injection Veterinary Drugs

In 2018, HUACHEN has invested RMB 1 billion to build a Pharmaceutical Production Park which covers a total area of more than 34 hectares in the littoral area, creating the research development and manufacturing base for Vitamin B series. On the basis of the existing business trading, the company also involves the generic drugs for human and the innovative drugs.

HUACHEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. will become a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprise with international competitiveness in the future


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