Additional approval to use Monovet 90

2021-12-08 12:02:35 By : Mr. Naron luo

The latest round of FDA approval has expanded the use of Monovet 90. It can be used in combination with other feed additives commonly used in cattle rations on feedlots, including decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis and telmicol for the treatment of respiratory diseases star. For a list of all current medicated feed combinations approved by Monovet 90, please visit:

"We are very pleased with these additional combined approvals and thank the cattle producers and breeders in the industry for their positive response to the expanded selection. Huvepharma provides more and more products to the livestock market, which stems from our employees' commitment to To provide our customers with relevant products that meet their needs," said Glen Wilkinson, President of Huvepharma USA.

Although Huvepharma has only been active in the US animal health market since 2005, the company was established in Bulgaria more than 60 years ago. Huvepharma operates three facilities that utilize biosynthesis (fermentation) to manufacture active substances, nutritional supplements, enzymes, probiotics and ready-made medicinal preparations. The latest proof of the company's commitment to animal health is another state-of-the-art fermentation facility invested and constructed in Peshtra, Bulgaria, which opened in September this year. This modern facility not only increases Huvepharma's overall production capacity by 30%, but also ensures the stable and ready supply of these products.

"Huvepharma's latest production facilities will enable us to meet the growing market demand for our extensive fermented product line in the U.S. and internationally," Wilkinson said. Today, the company ranks 10th among the largest veterinary drug companies.

For more information, please call your Huvepharma sales representative and/or Huvepharma's customer service team at 877-994-4883.

Huvepharma is a private global pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of human and animal health products. Huvepharma is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and its US headquarters is in Peachtree City, Georgia.