Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API

Name:ButaphosphanCAS No.: 17316-67-5EINECS: 241-341-7MF: C7H/1/3/9/7/1/5/1/4/0/0/7/18NO2PAppearance: White crystalline PowderProduct NameButaphosphanAppearanceWhite crystalline powderContent≥99.0%Melting point211~219ºCLoss on drying≤0.5%Residue on ignition≤0.1%Chloride≤0.016%Sulphates≤0.04%Heavy metals&l

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Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
CAS No.: 17316-67-5
EINECS: 241-341-7
MF: C7H/1/3/9/7/1/5/1/4/0/0/7/18NO2P
Appearance: White crystalline Powder
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Product NameButaphosphan
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Melting point211~219ºC
Loss on drying≤0.5%
Residue on ignition≤0.1%
Heavy metals≤20ppm
P.H value3.0~6.0
Solubility/water5% water solution
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Cloth he phosphorus is a kind of promote the metabolism of veterinary medicine raw materials, has strong antioxidant effect, can effectively inhibit fat under low concentrations of oxidation. With pure physical stimulation mode to improve each part of the animal body assimilation, can promote the liver function, make each organ enhancements of smooth muscle and skeletal muscle system, help restore fatigue, muscle movement and reduce the stress response, stimulate the appetite, promote the nonspecific immune function. Cloth he phosphorus as an important material of the body added organic phosphorus, its can participate in the Krebs cycle in the body, promote metabolism, accelerate the body needs energy synthesis and utilization, it can enhance the body's nonspecific immunity, improve the body's resistance to disease, ketone body can effectively remove the body metabolism, improve the content of lactic acid, help the rapid recovery of the disease.

1, effective recovery and repair "mold poisoning" color "disease" caused by damage of liver and kidney organs, promote kidney detoxification detoxification function, protect liver to protect renal function

2, to prevent, treat various diseases of pigs, especially the immunosuppression caused by some diseases, such as swine fever, blue ear disease, swine flu, pseudo rabies, porcine circovirus disease, vesicular disease and swine pleuropneumonia, deputy pig blood has the good auxiliary effect, in the disease infection period used with this product can accelerate recovery.

3, remove immunosuppression, strengthen the nonspecific immune function, activation of the immune system, improve the swine disease resistance and stress reaction.

4, used to improve livestock metabolism function and its recovery, make insulin concentration increases, the greatest degree of enhance the appetite of animals and feed intake.

5, increase the ability of the sow lactation, shorten the affection between the period after weaning; Improve the quality of the boar sexuality and semen. 6, he phosphorus can repair the sow metabolic dysfunction, promote the function of uterine smooth muscle, make points
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
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Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
Feed Additive Butaphosphan with Veterinary API
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Answer:Because so many free sample orders everyday to us, sorry, we need to supply sample with charge, but sample charge can be deducted from future orders.Hope you can understand.

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