Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online

Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online   Basic informationCAS No:5749-67-7                                      

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Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online 



Basic information

CAS No:5749-67-7                                                                         Einecs No.:   227-273-0
Character: white crystalline powder                                          MF:   C19H19CaN2O9
MW:485.43                                                                                     Purity:98%
Quality Guarantee Period:Two Years Min                                  Grade Standard:enterprise standard
Sample:10-20g Free Sample                                                        Brand Name:Wongpharm

Carbasalate calcium CAS 5749-67-7

Molecular formula:C19H19CaN2O9
Molecular weight:485.43              
Character: white crystalline powder



Main treatment function:

Pigs: unknown High Fever, Swine Fever, Blue ear, Eperythrozoon, Toxoplasma, pleuropneumonia, Haemophilus parahaemophilus,Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, Mycoplasma infection, endometritis, and other fever diseases auxiliary treatment.

Poultry: avian mild influenza, atypical Newcastle disease, infectious bursa, transmitted bacteria, virus infection or  Mixed infection for symptomatic treatment, and can remove uric acid, eliminate fever, kidney swelling and other symptoms.

sodium salicylate can be produced after the hydrolysis of calcium carbastrin can reduce the secretion of prostaglandins, can expand and increase the flow of capillary, resulting in increased plasma protein exudation in the small vein space, resulting in swelling. But it can reduce the threshold of the combination of bradykinin and peripheral nerve, and can make the peripheral nerve
sensitive, and the inhibition of salicylic acid can increase the threshold of pain. This product only reduces the high temperature, but does not lower the normal body temperature of the animal, and does not affect the physiological activity. There is no immunosuppression.

Use this product 2-4g at one dose, drink or mix 100g twice a day with 500kg.
Or mix 250kg.Chicken, duck 100g to water 500-1000kg. for 3-5 days, the condition is serious and the first dose is doubled, used to remove uric acid.

Product performance:
Antipyretic analgesia, anti-inflammatory, relieving kidney swelling, clearing uric acid salt, preventing and treating poultry nephrotic syndrome, protecting liver and protecting kidney,Enhance immunity and remove endotoxin.

Drug combination: this product can be combined with ampicillin, florfenicol and other antibiotics (except tetracycline, easy to produce precipitation,
Should be used separately) can delay excretion, improve blood drug concentration, improve efficacy.

Quality standard: enterprise standard
Content: ≥ 98.0%

Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online





A white, crystalline powder.


Infrared Spectrophotometry

Appearance of solution

The solution is not more opalescet than reference

Heavy metals



Not more than 0.1%


Not more than 0.1%

Salicylic acid

The absorbance is not greater than

Related substance

The absorbance is not greater than
0 .125


Not less than 99% and not more than the equivalent of 101% of  an equimolecular compound  of  calcium di[2-(acetyloxy)benzoate] and urea



Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online

Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online
Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online



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Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online
Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online

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Factory Supply Carbasalate Calcium 5749-67-7 Online 

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