Agricultural Antibiotics of Bio Fungicide Validamycin 14%+ Carbendazim 6% Wp

Product DescriptionValidamycin 14%+ Carbendazim 6% WPAppearance: Off-white PowderValidamycin SpecificationsCommon name: Validamycin Chemical Name: 1, 5, 6-trideoxy-4-O-β -D-glucopyranosyl-5-(hydroxymethyl)-1-[[(1S, 4R, 5S, 6S)-4, 5, 6 -trihydroxy-3-(hydroxymethyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl]amino]-D-chiro-inositolFormula: C20H3

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Product DescriptionValidamycin 14%+ Carbendazim 6% WP
Appearance: Off-white Powder

Validamycin Specifications
Common name: Validamycin 
Chemical Name: 1, 5, 6-trideoxy-4-O-β -D-glucopyranosyl-5-(hydroxymethyl)-1-[[(1S, 4R, 5S, 6S)-4, 5, 6 -trihydroxy-3-(hydroxymethyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl]amino]-D-chiro-inositol
Formula: C20H35NO13
Molecular Weight: 497.49
CAS No.: 37248-47-8

Physical & Chemical Properties 
Appearance: Validamycin is a colorless, odorless hygroscopic powder. 
Melting Point: 130-135° C. 
Vapour Pressure: Negligible at room temperature. 
Stability: Readily soluble in water. Soluble in methanol, dimethylformamide, and dimethyl sulfoxide. Slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone. It is stable at room temperature in neutral or alkaline media. It is slightly unstable in acidic media. Validamycin is non-corrosive. 

Validamycin is a non-systemic antibiotic with fungicide action. It is produced from fermentation of streptomyces hygroscopicus variety limoneus. It is most effective against soil borne diseases and is used for the control of Rhizoctonia solani in rice, potatoes, vegetables, and others as well as damping off diseases in vegetable seedlings, cotton, sugar beets, rice and other plants. The U. S. EPA has classified validamycin as Toxicity Class IV- practically non-toxic. For products containing validamycin, bearing a Signal Word is not required. Validamycin is found as a soluble concentrate, a dustable powder, and a seed treatment.


Carbendazim Biochemistry Inhibits beta-tubulin synthesis.

Carbendazim Mode of action Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed through the roots and green tissues, with translocation acropetally. Acts by inhibiting development of the germ tubes, the formation of appressoria, and the growth of mycelia.

Carbendazim Uses Control of Septoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporella in cereals; Sclerotinia, Alternaria and Cylindrosporium in oilseed rape; Cercospora and Erysiphe in sugar beet; Uncinula and Botrytis in grapes; Cladosporium and Botrytis in tomatoes; Venturia and Podosphaera in pome fruit, and Monilia and Sclerotinia in stone fruit.
Carbendazim Compatibility Incompatible with alkaline materials. 

Package: 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 10kg, 25kg, 200kg per bag/drum.

Agricultural Antibiotics of Bio Fungicide Validamycin 14%+ Carbendazim 6% Wp

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